Wash Your Way To Awesome Watercolor Art

Here’s the thing most of us get wrong with watercolors

We forget about the characteristics of the mediumWatercolor painting is filled with magic. The key is to understand how the medium fuses and flows. It’s unlike any other medium but most of the time it’s treated the same. Allowing watercolor to create randomness in the art is what makes it so special. But refusing to allow this to happen is where most of us get it wrong.

The subjects are put first – I’ve been guilty of this many times. Putting the subjects and all its objects first is a quick way to creating boring, trite art. Step back once in a while and take control of how you can apply specific washes and watercolor techniques to your artwork. Either you seize the opportunity of the painting will control you!

Include too many details – Details can be a dagger quality to art. Not enough and the painting isn’t interesting. Too many and it becomes a chaotic, fussy mess. Finding that perfect balance is important. Some areas of a painting can do without details, while others merit the additional information so the viewer stays engaged in the art.

Lose interest in our art – When subjects take over we completely forget about the magic of watercolor. It almost disappears and the end result can easily become so discouraging that we give up.

So, next time you are frustrated, or twirling your favorite watercolor brushes wondering what to do next, I say spend some time planning your washes on the next masterpiece.

Wash Your Way To Awesome Watercolor Art
– Wash Your Way To Awesome Watercolor Art

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