Urban Landscape Watercolor Video Demo

What makes this painting work?

Here is a breakdown of what makes this urban inspired watercolor landscape work. Yes, it may be painted very loosely but there’s still a lot under the hood that has to be fundamentally sound.

Here are four key steps used top make it happen

  1. Composition – this a ‘U’ shape composition. The lower left and right corners are anchored with a figure and car that’s connected to a shadow on the left. It doesn’t matter if the viewer enters the painting from the left, or right side. Their eye will move into the middle-ground and back around the opposite side. The shadow will direct them to loop around and take the journey again.
  2. Value hierarchy – The heavy darks are situated on the left-hand side. It’s probably the side most viewers would enter the painting because of the darker hues. Mid-tones and values are situated in the background and used to suggest the tops of the cars using negative space techniques. Lighter values dominate the right-hand side of the scene.
  3. Color harmony – A tonal palette is used for the majority of hues. This means colors are desaturated and grayed down. Yes, there are a few colorful notes but that’s just to make the painting more alive, and not too dull.
  4. Asymmetry – There’s not much equality happening in the scene. This is visually more appealing and quite frankly, not easy to pull off. Symmetry is something I avoid but seems to pop up in so many different situations. It’s something that I constantly have to be aware of despite having decades of experience avoiding.

Have A Look At The Finished Art

Yes, it’s very expressive and loose. But if you study it you will start top see the craftsmanship behind the work. realistic artists share something in common with loose painters, and that’s the planning and thought that make the design and execution work.

Urban Landscape Watercolor Demo Art
– Urban Landscape Watercolor Demo

That’s all for now

I hope you enjoyed the read and tips. If you have any questions, or comments feel free to leave it below.