Tips For Painting Faces With Watercolors

Here are some easy tips for painting human faces with watercolors

Now let’s be clear, we aren’t painting cute little tattoos on kids faces like you see at the carnival. Instead, it’s a study of human faces and heads. Not a portrait but trying to develop good ideas for painting faces in various angles including three-quarter views and back of the head.

I also shared a fun and simple lesson for the front of the face. Be sure to check out how to paint simple faces with watercolors video when you have time.

Onward! The profile view can give beginners problems. Alien necks, ET looking head shapes are some of the common issues. This video will break down the correct proportions and shapes used so that you can avoid these mistakes.

The back of the head is incredibly easy when if you understand what a lollipop looks like. Yes, it’s that simple. The lack of details and features can make it rather boring. By understanding the layers of the head, neck, front of face and lats you can make them interesting.

Below you will find the demo image created in the video. Be sure to watch the video first and then study it to see how painting the human head is done. No, this doesn’t mean you are ready to start portraits. But it is a cog in the wheel for breaking down the basics one must know to achieve greater success later on.

Tips For Painting Faces With Watercolors

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