The Best Watercolor Brush On The Planet

Curious what the best watercolor brush on the planet is? Well in my humble opinion it’s the almighty Dagger! As you see in the video it can handle a wide range of washes and brushstrokes. However, if you are painting on a large scale, let’s say a full or half sheet, you may want to add a larger mop brush to handle some heavy lifting. But once those larger washes are down you can grab the dagger and never look back.

Princeton Neptune Dagger Brush

Have a closer look at the Dagger

Here’s my favorite dagger by Princeton. A short handle 1/2″ that is perfect for most occasions. If you need something a little smaller then get a 3’8″ and you’re all set.

Here are my favorite watercolor supplies for all levels.

The results

Here’s a look at the artwork. Again, it’s all painted with the daggers and measures 11″ x 15″.

The best watercolor brush on the planet demo

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