Just Go For it! Watercolor Painting Tips

Tips for better watercolor paintings

Sometimes you just need to go for it. Throw caution to the wind in order to break out of stagnant routines. That’s what this watercolor tutorial demonstrates. I find it very useful for;

  • discovering new ways to express myself
  • exploring colors
  • expanding brushwork possibilities
  • and adding more personality to subjects

Having the right mindset is key to making this exercise a success. For me it’s all about routine maintenance and having some fun. Notice I said routine maintenance. Doing this every three days will keep that creativity flowing and help prevent ruts.

But here is the one thing you don’t want to achieve, ready for it? Finished art! If your goal is to make something amazing chances are you will be disappointed. As a matter of fact, it’s rarely a good idea to only focus on creating finished art because you’ll miss out on learning opportunities.

Anyhow, I hope this lesson inspires you to spend some quality time going for it! I can only tell you that it’s helped me tremendously over the years and probably the best way to defeat fear in the studio.


How about you plan 10 minutes to start your sessions doing a quick ‘go for it’ study? It’s a great way to get the paint and brushes moving. Over time it will help to avoid fear and teach you how random. expressive painting will pave the way to better art.

loose watercolor landscape painting
– Watercolor demo

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