How To Paint Simple Faces With Watercolors

Ever wondered how to paint faces with watercolors? Or, perhaps you find yourself not knowing what to paint and need an interesting subject? Then this beginner watercolor tutorial is for you. Discover tips for how to paint simple faces with watercolors, let’s get started!

How to paint simple faces with watercolors

Well you need the materials. I used a few pieces of rejects that had some markings from a previous study. I prefer this over blank paper as it adds to the abstract qualities. A small dagger and pointed round were used for brushes. And as always some artist grade Holbein paint.

Start with upside-down egg shapes. Vary the sizes and hues. Some eggs can be narrow and long, while another may be short and wide. Mix it up!

To make it visually interesting, you can use a variety of hues as well. No need to stick with one color as this will only become stale and boring. Here’s a great lesson for how to mix watercolor paint.

Let the paint dry once the egg shapes are painted. This way you can come back with darker hues and add more precise brushstrokes for the details.

Avoid becoming too analytical and stiff when adding facial features. Remember the eye line is about halfway which also marks the top of the ears. No two faces are alike so keep each one unique.

Hair is painted once the face details are in place. Note how hair can easily determine if it’s a male or female.

As the facial features are drying add a few dots using darker hues. This will give the viewer an illusion of detail.

That’s all. Simple and fun!


I hope you enjoyed the beginner lesson for how to paint faces with watercolors. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Until next time…

Oh, and if you are new to watercolor painting, check out this awesome guide for beginner watercolors.

how to paint simple faces with watercolors
– How to paint simple faces with watercolors
how to paint faces beginner watercolor tutorial
– How to paint faces beginner watercolor tutorial

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