Fresh & Loose Watercolor Landscape Video Demo

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Here’s a fresh and loose watercolor landscape video demonstration where I use a photo reference from Vinalhaven, Maine to create some expressive art.

At first glance it may appear that I’m carelessly slinging paint but in actuality there’s a lot of traditional techniques being used. Below is a list of some of the ideas, or guidelines, I think about before I start slinging watercolors.

Guideline to painting loose

  • Always take time to observe the subject
  • Try to extract some details and features that seem interesting, or would be fun to paint
  • Consider the larger shapes and how they will be arranged for a compelling composition
  • Does the scene need more, or less information?
  • Is there opportunity for representational and abstract qualities?
  • Add any detail that the scene may need, and always minimize the clutter

Again, these are just some of the ideas I think about. Read this article if you want to learn more, or checkout the other watercolor landscape tutorials to browse.

Finished art and photo reference

Below you will discover the finished art and photo used to create the landscape.

Fresh & Loose Watercolor Landscape Video Demo
– Vinalhaven, Maine landscape watercolor painting
Inspiration image of Vinalhaven, Maine
– Inspiration image of Vinalhaven, Maine
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