Expressive Watercolor Landscape Video Demo

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In this video you’ll enjoy an expressive watercolor landscape demo. It’s not a tutorial but if you have been around watercolors for a while you will appreciate the blend of traditional and unconventional painting techniques.

What was used to paint this landscape

Materials used in this watercolor demo are as follows:

  • Holbein paints; Cadmium red light, alizarin crimson, Cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, cadmium yellow lemon, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, neutral tint
  • Brushes – Princeton Neptune pointed round #12, #6, Rigger #3/4″, Silver brush black velvet jumbo (medium)
  • Paper; Fabriano Artistico, bright white, 140 lb. cold press 11″ x 14″

The inspiration image

The scene is inspired from one of my favorite US States to vacation; Maine. The coastal scenery is stunning and loaded with inspiration and working fishing harbors.

inspiration image
– Inspiration image

Watercolor techniques

  • No drawing; I decided to do away with a preliminary drawing. This set the tone for achieving happy accidents and more abstract qualities. Of course I had a vision of what I wanted but allowed the scene to reveal itself as I painted it.
  • No copying; I didn’t want to copy every single detail in the photo reference. Instead, pull bits and pieces of it that made sense once the washes were applied. Basically I tried to go with what the washes were giving me as opposed to forcing all the homes, bushes, etc. into the art.
  • Unconventional brushes; Much of the painting is created with a Dagger. This is a very versatile brush and really does an amazing job of loose brushstrokes.
  • Random painting; I didn’t start with the sky and work my way to the foreground. That’s the typical method most artist’s use. Instead I bounced around the scene and painted wherever I felt needed attention. So, more of a random placement of washes.

The finished art

Here’s a look at the finished painting. I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for having a look.

Expressive Watercolor Landscape Video Demo
– Expressive Watercolor Landscape Video Demo
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