4 Tips For Painting Watercolor Cityscapes For Beginners

4 Tips For Painting Watercolor Cityscapes For Beginners

Here are four tips for painting watercolor cityscapes for beginners. Grab you paper, brushes and paint and learn how to create minimalistic loose cityscapes with watercolors. This video demo will inspire you to paint your next urban masterpiece fast and free.

If you have questions about materials, read this article.

Four tips for painting cityscapes

  1. Tips for painting cityscapes
  2. Minimalistic style
  3. Paint fast and loose
  4. Use layers

Tips for painting beginner cityscapes – Always remove clutter and details that aren’t needed. Buildings have hundreds of windows and architectural details that can be minimized and, or removed. If you study the inspiration image below you can see this in action when compared to the art.

Minimalistic style – When adding a wash it’s important to group similar colors and values into one larger shape. By doing this you are simplifying the scene into major blocks instead of treating each one as a separate structure. This can be done with values as well. Again, study the photo and you will see how this works.

Paint fast & loose – Easier said than done. But if you have a vision of what you want it’s doable. That’s the key! If you don’t have an idea how you are approaching the art it will take you on a journey, or what we often hear as painting in circles.

Use layers – Layers are the key to creating quality watercolor art. Knowing that wet-in-wet will allow more expressive, and loose qualities can help in adding some happy accidents to the work. Following that up with wet-in-dry layers is a great way to define objects and details that are necessary to make the scene interesting. Use both wisely!

Images from demo

Tips For Painting Watercolor Cityscapes For Beginners
Inspiration image

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